Inmind Solutions is a new start up! With strong passion to improve work flow, we aspire to design and develop solutions that support sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency.

We are a small team with experience in the electronics manufacturing, retail and distribution industry.  Most of our projects are still early in progress with our first main exposure being the Hotel Innovation Challenge Asia.

We are glad to participate in Hospitality 4.0 with our solution, EDUS (Enclosure, Dry, UVC and Scent (currently engaging with Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering to build our EDUS prototype).  We are confident our solution will deliver cost reduction, improve manpower productivity and efficiency, provide better guest experience and most of all, enable the hotel industry in Singapore and the world to further their sustainability efforts.

Our Solution, EDUS is a compact enclosure that is intended to be installed in the hotel room’s bathroom and replacing the original towel rack. Equipped with a heat flow management system, it accelerates the drying process of damp bath towels, immediately after each usage.  

It has the following features:

  1. Sensor activated operation

  2. Towel will not be exposed to the environment before use and hence maintaining its cleanliness

  3. It catered to a larger and thicker towel, especially those used in hotels

  4. Efficiently cutoff power when the bath towel is dried

  5. It is equipped with UVC to kill germs

  6. It is also equipped with a scented spray, which can give a refreshing scent to the towel

  7. It offers feature for a warm towel for an indulging experience


With EDUS, we expect to have the following results:

  1. Savings in Water and Electricity cost

  2. Savings in Detergent and Softener cost

  3. With lesser bath towels to collect/replace, there would be an improvement in chambermaid’s productivity and efficiency.

  4. With lesser washing required, washer and dryer life span will be extended. Concurrently, the life span of each bath towel will be prolonged as well.

  5. Reduction in towels inventory and also lesser storage space for holding them

  6. Less discharge of microfibers into the environment

  7. Improved hotel experience among customers while supporting sustainability

  8. Hotel guest will be involved to support sustainability


Please contact us for more information on this exciting product!